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Walton Dabney – representing those who defend our nation

When the paperwork drops, when you get called into the “interview” room, when the system seems stacked against you – you need a skilled defender to be your shield and your advocate. Walton L. Dabney provides experienced military law counsel to clients in the uniformed services located on installations throughout the world. Whether you are facing a medical credentialing board, charged with a U.C.M.J. offense, or any adverse action – you can be certain that Mr. Dabney will fight for your rights and your future.

U.C.M.J. – Adverse Action – Title 10 and 32 – Military Medical Defense

Mr. Dabney provides exemplary legal support to service members and their families in the following areas:

  • The Uniform Code of Military Justice — Mr. Dabney provides strong U.C.M.J. and N.J.P. representation to service members who have been charged with offenses such as drug crimes (Article 112a), DUI/DWI (Article 113), sex crimes (Article 120), Assault (Article 128), theft (Article 121) and internet crimes (Article 134) or the dozens of military specific violations (Failure to Obey, AWOL, Dereliction, False Official Statements, etc.). He has served as both a military prosecutor and defender. The most dangerous entity in a courtroom is the government; and your only ally is your attorney. Walton Dabney will be that ally.
  • Adverse Administrative Action — Hundreds of regulation apply to day-to-day life in the military. They are confusing and complicated to even experienced NCOs and officers. Every day, some critical rule or procedure is missed. Mr. Dabney helped write some of those exact regulations! He can delve deep into the minutia and determine your best defense. Trust the self-admitted “regulations nerd.” Trust Walton Dabney.
  • Reserve / Guard Issues –Reserve and National Guardsmen face unique and specific challenges – employers violating their USERRA rights, Statutory Tour Curtailments, and commanders inappropriately applying Active Duty requirements. As a Guardsman himself, Mr. Dabney has direct experience defending Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen. Choose an attorney who is an expert at the differences between Title 32 and Title 10 – choose Walton Dabney.
  • Military Medical Privileging/Credentialing Board — Mr. Dabney was previously the Senior Medical Law Consultant for nine military medical facilities in the Southeast United States. He has been behind the curtain, in the war rooms with QA, and has rushed to a “Code Blue.” More than most attorneys, Walton Dabney knows what it’s like when life and death decisions are being made, and the fallout when accidents happen.  If you are accused of violating the standard of care, more than just your military career is on the line. You spent decades of education and experience becoming a nurse or provider. When your facility starts pointing fingers and you are threatened with being placed in the NPDB, you need an attorney who has direct experience in that hearing room – you need Walton Dabney.
No matter what your command is throwing at you, you don’t have to go it alone. I will put my knowledge and experience to work fighting for you.


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